One of the #1 problems in Illinois high school football today and the #1 question schools have when considering 8-Man football is scheduling.  This is why the I8FA has decided that the schedule will be made for each member school immediately following the deadline for schools to declare membership (April 1st for 2018).

Here are some schedule highlights:

1. The I8FA will do everything possible to get you 8 games.  It is possible that you will have 1 week you may have to fill on your own out of state.

2. You are guaranteed at least 3 home games (4 home games is most common)

3. You will likely play a home and away with schools placed in your region.

4. The Association will give you as few long road trips as possible.

Here area few more things to consider and you look at 8-Man football as an option for your school.

1. More schools will be joining the 8-Man association year after year and your average road trip will grow considerably shorter

2. The I8FA will not schedule any “Meet in the Middle” games as one of our main reasons we believe in 8-Man football is that Friday night football is good for your community!  We want to guarantee you at least 3 games at home in front of your crowd.

3.  If you receive a ‘Bye’ week, you may do whatever you would like with that week.  Some teams may choose to leave it open for the sake of healing up.  Others may choose to play out of state, or match up with another team in the I8FA to arrange a home, away, or “meet you in the middle” game.