Illinois 8-Man Football Association Constitution/ By-Laws


      Illinois 8-Man Football Association Constitution / By-Laws


Name:        Illinois 8-Man Football Association (I8FA)


Purpose:   To develop and promote the game of 8-man football in the

                  State of Illinois and to the IHSA as a viable, healthy and

                  positive alternative to 11-man football.


Membership: 1) All members will commit on a two-year basis with the

                          dues being $250.00 to join and $150.00 annually there

                          after due by Dec. 1st of each year.


                       2) Membership is open to any high schools

                           (and/or co-ops) recognized by the IHSA as Public,

                           Private, Associate or Approved Schools. **Only

                           schools with an actual enrollment of 325 students or

                           less per the IHSA enrollment figures and schools that

                           would be eligible for the IHSA Playoffs will be

                           eligible for the I8FA Playoffs.**

                           (No club teams or non-school teams will be allowed)


                      3) NFHS game rules will be followed by all members.

                          Games will be played on a 40 x 100 yard field.

                          All schools must have their fields marked properly.


                      4) All schools must commit to the Association by:

                          January 1st 202 December 1st 2022 and there on to be included in the following season’s schedule.



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                      5) All schools committed by the membership deadline will

                          be worked into the schedules set forth by the

                          President & Secretary of the Association for that

                          following season. Schools are expected to accept and

                          adhere to that set schedule.


                     6) Any changes that need to be made to the set schedule

                          must be cleared by the President & Secretary of the



                      7) All schools should notify the President or Secretary of

                          the Association by Dec. 1st if they no longer plan on

                          being a Member School for the upcoming 2-year term.


                      8) All schools will abide by all IHSA rules and regulations

                           just like any other sport they participate in as an IHSA


                           (Coaches qualifications, eligibility, game limitations,

                             rule meetings, grading officials) ect.


                      9) Any protests or rules infractions will be reviewed by

                           the Executive Committee.


                     10) Schools that fail to abide by the Constitution set forth

                            by the Illinois 8-Man Football Association may not be

                            accepted for renewal of their membership at the end of

                            their two-year term.


                    11)  Schools may be put on a probationary period of up to a

                            year for any infraction of any By-Laws as   

                            recommended by the Executive Committee.



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                      12)  Schools are expected to be ready and willing to

                             exchange any two films that are agreed upon by

                             the two head coaches involved. This exchange should

                             happen no later than 12:00 on Sunday.


 Organization:  1) Each Member School will be represented by one of

                            the following: Principal, AD or Head Coach.


                         2) The Association will have a President, Vice-President,

                              Secretary and Treasurer. Voted on at Sept. meeting.


                         3)  The association will meet 3 times per year. Dec. April

                               & Sept. With the possibility of other meetings added

                               if need be. To be set and announced 30 days prior to

                               meeting. Member schools must attend meetings or let

                               the President and/or Secretary know if they can’t

                               make it prior to the meeting date.


                        4)  A quorum is required to hold a vote and 2/3 majority

                               vote is needed for any change in the Constitution or

                              By-Laws. E-mail votes accepted.


                        5)  If the I8FA should need to dissolve the following

                             steps will be taken.

  1. A) Must be discussed and recommended by the

                                   Executive Committee. All members must vote

                                   by roll call on dissolving the association.

  1. B) All schools will receive an official letter of

                                    notification and results of the vote.

  1. C) Funds that have been accumulated by the I8FA

                                    will be divided by member schools once all bills

                                    have been paid. 60% to founding members, 30%

                                   to teams who have been added, 10% to new teams



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  1. D) Banks and financial institutions, venders and

                                   IHSA will be officially notified of the dissolving

                                   by an official letter from the Association.


Duties:President 1) Will preside over all association meetings.

                             2) Enforce the Constitution, its By-Laws and Policies

                             3) Call and arrange all meetings. Regular or Special.

                             4) Plan the meeting agenda with the Secretary.

                             5) Update any By-Law Changes.

                             6) Promote and Support the growth of 8-Man Football.

                             7) Help Secretary with schedules & planning playoffs

                                  and I8FA Championship Game.

                             8) Work on behalf of the Association directly with the

                                 IHSA to promote 8-Man Football becoming a

                                recognized IHSA sport with a championship playoff.


  Vice-President =  1) Serve in the absence of the President in all said  


                                2) Be willing to help with any duties assigned by the



   Secretary =        1) Take and distribute minutes of all meetings

                             2) Plan agenda of all meetings with President.

                             3) Work on all scheduling / playoff brackets.

                             4) Keep track of all history and records (include past

                                 Championship Game Stats in program)

                             5) Run and update the Association web-page.


Treasurer =       1) Collect all dues and deposit.

                          2) Pay any invoices due on behalf of the Association.

                          3) Obtain any trophies or awards for the Association.

                          4) Work on sponsorship agreements for the Association.

                          5) Balance the funds and give a financial report at the

                               Dec, April and Sept. meetings.


Executive Committee:

         Shall consist of : President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and two of the following AD, Principal or Head Coach.


        They will address any Association disputes, or any schools failing to abide by the Association Constitution.



The “I8FA” Beliefs:

          I8FA believes in an alternative to 11-Man Football.

          I8FA believes in developing a playoff system for the sport.

          I8FA believes in following all rules and regulations of the IHSA

          I8FA believes in promoting academics and sportsmanship.

          I8FA believes in being good ambassadors for the sport.

          I8FA believes in the value of the sport of 8-man football.



I8FA Playoff Structure:


All teams that are eligible for the I8FA playoffs according to By-Law #2 will participate in the 2020 I8FA Playoffs.


Tiebreakers will be:  1. Head to Head record.

  1. Overall record winning percentage.
  2. Playoff points (IHSA calculator)
  3. Coin flip


Updates to By-Laws were voted on and passed January 13th, 2020.