Hello All!

This Saturday night at 7pm is our first ever playoff pairings show.  This email is to help inform you on how to view that show.

We will be streaming the show Live through our YouTube Channel (I8FA).  But don’t worry, if you can’t catch it Live, it turns immediately into a normal YouTube video that can be viewed whenever you click it!

The best way to view the show would be to invest $35 in a Chromecast, and cast it from your phone or computer, directly to your large screen TV so everyone can view.  Don’t know how to do that?  Just go to YouTube and look up a tutorial.  There is nothing you can’t learn how to do through YouTube.


Here is how to find the show on Saturday night.

  1. Go now to subscribe to the I8FA channel.  (This makes the live stream easier to find on Saturday night)


  1. On Saturday night, just before 7, go to YouTube.  If you have subscribed, there is a good chance that you will see a thumbnail on your homepage that shows my office and says “Live”.  Click on that!

If you do not see that, simply enter I8FA in the searchbar.  When the results show, click on our CHANNEL.  Once you are on our channel, click ‘Videos’.  The first one there should be our live stream.  If the thumbnail of our live stream shows up at any point in that process, feel free to click it!  We will be starting a timer at about 6:45 that will be counting down to the start of the show.

  1. Comment!  When you are watching live on YouTube you can leave comments.  We want to encourage you to check in, let everyone know where you are watching from!



Best of luck to you all.  Though it is not a professional studio or production, I do think we can put together an enjoyable little show.