2019 I8FA Playoff Selection Process


  • The 14 eligible teams will be seeded 1-14 for home field purposes.
  • Seeds will be set by overall records.
  • Tiebreakers will be: 1) Head to Head record

2) Playoff Points (Opponents Wins)

3) Coin Flip

  • 1 – 6 Seeds will be bracketed as we decided and will host first-round games. #1 & #2 will host no matter what happens in round one.
  • Drawing will start: 1st draw will play #6 seed, 2nd draw will play #5 seed, 3rd draw will play #4 seed, 4th draw will play #3 seed.
  • Then we will alternate draws between Game 5 and Game 6: 5th draw will play in Game 5, 6th draw will play in Game 6, 7th draw will play in Game 5 and the 8th draw will play in Game 6
  • The higher seeded team in Game 5 and Game 6 will host those 1st round games.
  • After the 1st round games, the team having hosted the fewest games in the current playoffs shall be the host for the next round. If both teams have hosted, the game will be hosted by the higher seed.
  • Saturday night after the drawing is complete and the bracket is set home teams will have to secure game officials and contact visiting teams to set game day/time.
  • Please report that to John Lalor 815-404-1535 no later than Sunday at 6:00 p.m. so we can post the bracket with game info on the web page by Monday A.M.
  • Host schools receive all proceeds and are responsible for all costs with playoff games.
  • State Championship will be Nov. 22nd @ 7:00 P.M. at Monmouth College. Admission for the Championship game will be $5.00 adults/students/seniors. All proceeds and costs go to and are covered by the I8FA.