On Wednesday January 17th, the Milford School Board voted to make the move to 8-Man football for the Milford-Cissna Park Bearcats. Milford and Cissna Park High Schools have been playing football as a coop since the 2009 football season.  In that time they have qualified for the IHSA State Playoffs 4 times.

As participation numbers have steadily dwindled over the last several years, the Coaches and Administration at Milford-Cissna Park or MCP as the locals call it, have decided that it is in their interest to make the switch to 8-Man football.

“Football at Milford High School has been filled with traditions .Continuing a football program for our community, our school and our student athletes allows us another opportunity for all of us to come together. Football has been a gathering point for the people of Milford and Cissna Park in our co-op since 2009 .The decision to go to 8 man football really was the only decision we could make the would make not only an immediate impact on our ability to continue offering opportunities to our athletes but will allow us to continue to build a brighter future for our program. We are very excited to be a part of 8 man football and will work extremely hard preparing for this transition. It is still football and having football in our community is an exciting opportunity!” -Steve Totheroh, Principal Milford HS

Clint Schwartz, the Head Coach at MCP since 2013, is excited to be joining the I8FA.  “I’m most excited about the opportunity to keep football in our community. Friday Night Lights is a community event and 8-man football will allow our community to continue that tradition.  Developing players by allowing them to play against other players their grade level is one of the things we are most looking forward to about moving to 8-man football.” If your school or community would like to consider the I8FA, please contact us.  We will be happy to answer any questions.