On January 3rd, 2018 representatives from several Illinois schools interested in playing 8-Man football got together at Marquette HS in Ottowa, IL.  No, Marquette isn’t considering 8-Man, but Coach Jobst was kind enough to let the group meet in their facilities as Ottowa worked as a pretty good middle ground for the schools involved.  At the meeting Coach Nate Albaugh gave a presentation on potential ideas for a future association as well as potential schedules and a plan for a playoff for the first ever Illinois 8-Man State Title.

After several hours, the group hammered out some By-Laws and voted on officers to make the Illinois 8-Man Football Association (I8FA) official.  Some highlights of this formed association include:

  1. The I8FA will make the schedule for all member teams, guaranteeing 8 games total and 4 home games.
  2. The I8FA will work closely with the IHSA to ensure fair play and to maintain a strong relationship for the future.
  3. The I8FA will hold a playoff and a state championship in 2018!

If your school has any interest in joining the I8FA this fall or in the future please Contact Us to let us know!